And on the 12th Day He Rested…

Or something like that.  As predicted, my legs rebelled against any sort of intensive travel happening.

Oooooooh, groceries!

LAZY Monday (sort of). Did a grocery run in the morning and got a real baguette, which I proceeded to devour half of slathered in Nutella later in the day.  Slowly testing out all the different flavors of Orangina that exist in Europe. Total numminess. I still think there are way too many tempting sweet things in the grocery store, though.

Also tried to get to the Post Office Bank in order to cash some more travelers cheques… buttttt… the post office doesn’t do that anymore.  Figured out where to go so that I don’t get hit with the 6.5% surcharge.  That will happen on Tuesday.

Spent the rest of the day doing laundry and then settling in to work after some quality time in bed.  My legs are thankful.

Michelle swung by with dinner and desert… holy crap good desert… good dinner, too, but desert… oh, desert….

One of those chocolate things has a pear baked into the center...


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