Day 11: So. Many. Wieners.

No, not because my apartment is in le Marais.  Today’s walk was delayed due to cold, and Michelle and I hit the Louvre.  And let me tell you, there is a lot of nudity in art.  I am totally not complaining.

I have to say, the whole place is amazing.  And yes, one needs multiple days to see everything.

I’m just going to point out some quick highlights here, then get to the photos:

Mona Lisa: WTF, people? Everyone, everywhere is all “It’s so SMAAAAAAAALL!”  It’s portrait sized. How much bigger does it need to be.  I was freakin expecting this postage stamp (okay, maybe 8.5″ x 11″) painting, but it was good sized.  And it was really well lit.  And EVERYONE wanted to see it.  But all in all, tres cool!

Architecture vs Art: There were some rooms that I was so overwhelmed by the room itself, that I couldn’t pay attention to the art/exhibits in the room.  The building itself is phenomenal, and in rooms like the Apollo Gallery, I spent more time taking photos of the walls than the displays.

Inverted Pyramid: So that inverted glass pyramid at the end of The DaVinci Code? The one they hinted had some secret beneath it?  It’s in the freakin mall, not in the museum. WEAKSAUCE!

We walked a butttonne (metric spelling) today.  And between that and yesterdays epic tromp through Giverney, my legs may rise up and strangle me in my sleep.

I've hit 50 miles walked since getting here...

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