Day 13: Rainy Days and Tuesdays Always Get Me Down (for doing laundry)

The thermometer on my computer said that it was 45 out, and the rain was pretty insistent, so I declared a “Stay Inside All Day” day.

Spent the morning doing the rest of my laundry, going through some donation stuff for Un-Scripted, harassing people via email and WhatsApp, and generally farting around the apartment.

Started working around 12:30, and got some good progress made on things I didn’t realize I needed to do.  Had some conference calls, and then, around 9:15, I shut down the laptop and ran out to la trinquette to meet up with Naomi for some wine.

A couple of her friends also happened to be there, which was cool.  Although I discovered it’s much harder to understand French in a crowded wine bar.

The wine of the evening turned out to be Ni Ange, Ne Démon. Thick and fruity and cinnamony… brilliant!  And the “bar snacks?”  Even more brilliant.  Perfect end to a cozy, sit at home day.

THIS is what I call Bar Snacks.

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