Days 27 & 28: One Last Sunset & One Long Drive

We spent most of Friday recovering from the hike up Stromboli, packing our stuff, and putting the house back together. There were quick runs to the store for foodstuffs, and P made another great risotto for dinner.

Everyone was up early on Saturday for The Caravan to Roma.

Rest stops not shown…

Due to a SNAFU with their rental car, E and one of the babbies ended up having to fly to Rome from Calabria, while P, the other babbie and mom rode in their “too small for a family of four and all their luggage and babbie stuff” mobile.  Dad and I rode in the Smart car with all OUR luggage and the back deck cover from the “tsfafofaatlabs” mobile.

We made four rest stops along the way, and let me tell you, rest stops along the Autostrade are AWESOME.  The bathrooms are disgusting, but everything else is great.

  • Stop 1: Coffee and pee break
  • Stop 2: Poosplosion diaper break
  • Stop 3: Benzino (gas) break
  • Stop 4: Hey, it’s 2PM and we’ve not had lunch yet break

We made it to the house, met up with V, L (back from vacation in Schmetterlinglund) and babbie, got all the stuff unloaded, and got the cars back to the airport with little trouble.  We all crashed hard Saturday night.

Briatico did, however, give us a spectacular farewell Sunset on Friday.

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