Day 29: Colosseo Roma

The skies opened up and dropped enough weather on Rome to close one of the airports and cancel a bunch of flights from the other, leaving E in quite a predicament.

I ventured out in the morning, in the downpour, to try to find something for breakfast, but the little store across the way wasn’t quite open.  I did get a nice “in my clothes” shower, though.

Eventually the storm broke, and I managed to get eggs and fruit to bring back.

It downpoured again, and the next time the weather broke, we raced out for a walk through Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, where we say Porto Alchemica and Ninfeo di Alessandro Severo, which was totally owned by cats. Like cats EVERYWHERE, looking at you like “What? This is OUR house. Back off.”

We sauntered around towards Arco di Gallieno (the Esquiline Gate in the original city walls) and then started curving back towards home because the rain was brewing again, stopping off at Cafe Gatsby for lunch.  They opened this cafe in a former hat shop, and still sold hats, along with food.

Once home, folks napped, and when the rain broke again I took a test walk down towards the Colesium to see how bad the hills were.

Look what I found!!

They weren’t that bad.

Headed home, picked up the folks, and got back just as the sun set for some AMAZING photos, and this selfie:

From the Facebook original, flipped for correct orientation…

Which was taken pretty much dead center in THIS photo:

Photo by Dad in 1959.

Once the sun was down, we headed back home and had dinner at RomAntica, the restaurant pretty much right downstairs from the apartment.  Quite tasty.  Great staff. Much goodness.

Anyway, there are a ton of pictures in this Flickr gallery.  Look at them.  Enjoy them.

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