Day 9: Mannequins in a Dungeon

There was tasty Bieletti brewed coffee while sitting on the porch this morning. A fresh nectarine and bread with butter and some amazing cherry preserves for breakfast.

And then we relaxed.  Get used to reading that quite a bit.

It’s actually amusing how much the babbies’ sleep/food schedule doesn’t align with non-siesta. Keeps us on our toes in terms of scheduling anything.

So relaxing happened until around 2:00 when we motored over to Pizzo (about 8 miles up the foot of the boot). Getting there was easy, until Waze decided to have a fit… Have I mentioned how I need to have words with Waze at some point?  She seems to have no ability to tell the difference between highway and murder road. Just the other day, as we returned from Marcellinara, she took us down this… well, it was literally a murder road complete with giant potholes, cracked asphalt and a couple major appliances abandoned in the dead grass.

I was thinking to myself as we drove down it, “Wow, P probably thinks I’m taking him down this road to murder him and the babbies.”  He, in turn, said to L, “Pretty sure Clay is taking us down this road to murder us all.”

So today’s adventure in WrongWaze had us trying to drive through a very skinny street that had pretty much been turned into a cafe, complete with DO NOT ENTER sign.  I had to do a 17 point turn to get turned around to get out, and then some asshat decided he needed to get IN before I did that, so I had to undo what I did, then do it over again.  I TURN BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU NOW!!!!

Anyway, eventually we got close to where we wanted to be and parked.  Of course there was a big hill between us and destination, but I was so gunshy about driving through someone’s lunch that I gave up and parked us anyway.

So we loaded babbies up and pushed them up and over the hill, coming down into the center of PIzzo.

Our intended destination: Castello Murat


Castello Murat was the prison of Joaquin-Napoleon Murat, King of Naples, leading up to his execution by firing squad.

For €3 a head, we got to take a quick, self-guided tour of the two levels that were open, which started with the dungeon. There were cells holding mannequins in military dress, a very tiny cannon, and a pretty awesome suit of armor along with maps and other cool, old stuff.

Upstairs were the more formal chambers, the balcony overlooking Pizzo bay, and the cell where Murat was held.

It was a cool little tour of a very tiny castle.  Unfortunately, unlike the castles I was in while visiting France, it wasn’t cool inside.

Luckily, P spotted a gelato place, so we sat down and had some GLORIOUS gelato and sodas before heading back to the house for a swim in the sea with mom and dad, followed by some pasta in a very tasty bolognese crafted by P.  P’s batting 1000 for food today. He was also responsible for the cherry preserves.

Post dinner, everyone adjourned a little earlier than normal, and before climbing into bed with my laptop to craft this missive, I took a photo of the sunset for you.


Goodnight, Sun…


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