Day 20: Steak and Coffee

Mother, father and I took a mid-morning run back to the mall outside of Lamezia Terme. I wanted to stop by the Bialetti store, and we wanted to check out the HUGE fish section of the Carrefour market that anchored the entire mall complex.

It’s about a 40 minute drive from the house to the shopping center.  It was filled with good conversation, and much oohing and ahhing over the scenery on the way there.

As we walked in, we passed a mid-asile kiosk that sold ALL sorts of spices and honey. But the thing about it that really stood out for me was the series of “Battle Marionettes” along the top of the spice table.  I only caught photos of a few, but they were totally badass!!

They WILL destroy you.

We made our way to the Bialetti store, and I picked up my new friend, who still doesn’t have a name yet.  Soon… soon…

Some call him… Tim. (Cups not included.)

Well… I guess his name is Tim, then.  Huh.  Go figure.

That evening, we ate like warrior kings.  Roasted potatoes, butter braised cabbage, and steaks cooked out back on the grill.

Oh, the grill… not so much a grill as a 3/4″ slab of metal under which we started a fire.  But it was hard getting the fire hot enough, and fanning it wasn’t enough… so we literally fanned it.


Holy crap was that dinner good.  SOoOoOOoooo good.

And now, since there is no photoset for today, I leave you with this action shot of Tim.

Mmmmmm, coffee…

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