Day 19: The Second Coming of Pizzo

We started the day with only one goal: Gelato

Once everyone was up and moving, we loaded them into the vehicles and made our way to Pizzo, parking right near Castello Murat.  A fine lunch was had at SPQR.

Certainly not the “slices” we thought they would be.

Those who didn’t get to tour the Castello the first time around, were able to do so while the rest of us tended the babbies in the Castle Foyer and little Italian women cooed and awwwwd over them.

Inside the castle,
We waited with the babes.
Their cries echoed quite heartily,
And danced across the waves.

By the time Castello tours were complete, it was warmer than warm, and so we settled in for some tasty, tasty gelato treats.

Affogato di Café

Team Calabria split up at that point, with the Babbiemobile headed to the Post Office and home, and the Parentmobile set to depart after a bit more Pizzo wandering.  We settled in for a nice salad for dinner, and called it an early night.  The sunset was lovely, and the sky turned a deep, dark shade of blood red shortly after the photo below was taken.  Check the flickr gallery for that.

Good night, Sun…

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