Day 19: Subway in the Rain

A lot of people are expressing condolences because it’s been raining so much while I’m here.  Seriously? Not necessary. I think cities are at their most beautiful when it’s raining.  Yes, I get a little wet, and yes, I’ve got a sore throat, but then I also get pictures like this when the timing is right…

That's what I'm talkin' about...

So this morning, I hopped on the 6 train at Nation, and rode it through some of the city.  It’s above ground for a good portion of the trip (otherwise it would have been pointless).  I didn’t really take any pictures, but it was superawesome, and relaxing.  Got back just in time to meet up with my friend Eddie for tea and arancini over on rue Montorgueil before I had to get to work.

rue Montorgueil

And on the way back to my place?  I totally discovered I, too, could have Space Hair… and Lego Wine.



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