Day 17: la Sainte-Chapell

Woke up this morning feeling like my tonsils climbed up into my sinuses and wedged themselves there.  NOT good.  So I let myself sleep in really really late.  Made some hot tea and oatmeal once I got up. Showered, and when I was feeling nearly human, I wrapped myself in my new scarf and ventured forth to find something photo-worthy… and boy did I find something photo-worthy…

When I walked into la Sainte-Chapelle, I was pretty impressed.  The stained glass was beautiful, the walls were painted and gilded.  It was pretty cool, and I’m glad someone (I forget who) recommended that I go there, because it was REALLY pretty.

Then I realized there was an upstairs.

And so I went upstairs.

Holy. Shit.

It was like walking into a forest where it was raining colored light. I don’t know how they hold the roof up with the thin fingers of stone in between all of that amazing glass.  But I spent quite a long time there taking pictures before I could tear myself away.

But I could have just taken all day to photograph the play of colored light on the floor every time the sun broke through the clouds.

The rest of the afternoon was spent re-tracing my steps to St. Etienne du mont, which I had come across on my walk through the Latin Quarter.  Had I actually made my way a little farther around the right side of the building I would have realized that was the place where Owen Wilson was sitting at midnight, in Paris.

On the way I hit St. Germaine des pres, and wandered through the Luxembourg Gardens again.

Grabbed a panini for late lunch at Aux desirs de Manon at the St. Paul metro stop, and was home by 5:30.  In for a nap, and now… pondering dinner.

Below are more photos of stained glass than any human being should ever be forced to look at:

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