Day 8: Oh no you di’int!

So I woke this morning to my body saying, “Um, yeah, about that ridiculously long walk you took yesterday?  Screw you and your photo taking, dude, today we sit. Sit. Sit. Sit.”

So it was a nice, long, slow morning.  Did a little work first thing (I don’t know why some of my co-workers are on-line at 1AM their time thinking business. Sheesh!)  Showered, and got out of the house in time for lunch at Open Cafe.  The salad dressing they use there is a curry.  It took me a while to identify it, because I’m not used to that flavor on salad, but it goes REALLY well.

Post lunch, I opted to wander through the men’s store at Bazaar Hotel de Ville. Since it’s been chilly and rainy, I’ve been seeing EVERYONE sporting the loose scarf look, and it’s starting to grow on me.  Not totally sold on the idea though, I figured I’d peruse some potential neck warmers and let that influence my final decision.

Honestly, the majority of them… didn’t like.  WAY too European for my tastes. However, I did find one loose knit, dark red scarf that made me say “YES! I’ll join the ranks of the hipsters and wear a scarf EVERYWHERE!!”

Until I saw the €90 price tag.

After that, I was like… maybe I shouldn’t be looking to buy things in the touristy area…

Wandered home after that, stumbled upon the sex toy store — not that I’m in the market, but who knew it was so close to my house — but if Kelly comes to visit there will be somewhere embarrassing to take her. 🙂

Picked up some Guatamalan roast coffee at Monoprix (and some more of the amazing Mustard flavored potato chips), then settled in to work for the afternoon — conference calls out the wazoo.

I did figure out how to use the little single cup stove top coffee pot, and while good, I think I need to start saving up for an espresso machine when I get home.

I'm a little coffee pot, short and stout...

Oh, and this is the first time I went out sans camera, too…

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