Day 7: Run from the mountain!!! RUNNNN!!!

It’s a 3.5 hour drive from Localita Brace to Pompeii.  It’s a long drive. Introduced the parents to the Hamilton soundtrack on the drive. Tried, mostly successfully, to stay awake.  Successfully found the ruins. Successfully parked.  Successfully acquired tickets.

Unsuccessfully tried to enter the ruins.

Turns out you can’t have professional photography equipment within the grounds, because they don’t want you taking professional photos (even personal professional photos).  And the tripod that was supporting Stanley on my camera bag was whatever the Italian word is for verboten.  The gate dudes told me I would have to check the tripod in the baggage/coat check area, but not before they all gathered around to get some Stanley Selfies.

As I was trying to re-arrange Stanley so he’d still stand up, I asked the guy who was checking the tripod, “It’s okay if I bring Stanley in, though, right?”  He stopped, looked at me, and said in a perfectly serious way, “Oh, you MUST bring Stanley in.”

I’m not going to do a big writeup on Pompeii, only because it was a bit too much to process.  The place is huge. What is left behind is amazing and mind blowing. And we only got to explore a fraction of it before heat and walking and time drove us back to the car.

I will say this, though: I had no freakin clue. The art and architecture are amazing. I may need to do a return visit just to spend a week exploring Pompeii and Herculaneum (with Stanley of course).

The guy in the bag check room asked if Stanley enjoyed his visit as we were leaving. Stanley did.

So enjoy the photos, I’m just going to bask in the memories.

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