Day 4: The Holy Baby Grenade of Antioch

So Tuesday was the Assumption of Mary, which means, in a strongly Roman Catholic country, it was a holiday and everything was closed.  This was troubling as the other half of our party was arriving, and there was little to no food in the house.

P, L and the babbies got here circa lunch time, and we managed to get sandwiches into the two adults pretty quickly.  The babbies are adorable, and kept us entertained while P put together THEIR food (mashed apple, mashed cauliflower, and mashed carrots). Mom and Dad spent time getting to know everyone, and it was generally mellow.

I sat down to do some work, and managed to make it through my first call of the day without too much trouble.  Shared some photos of my office with my team, and made them generally jealous.

A panoramic view of my “office.”

Between calls, I chanced making a run to the localer branch of the big grocery store we found Monday.  I found it, right around the corner from the Supermercado from Sunday.  It even had PARKING!!  Also, it had a view…

You can almost see the house from here.

Unfortunately, it was closed for the afternoon.

The Supermercado was not, however.  So I was able to score some sausage, bread, olives, iced tea and gelato. A feast fit for, if not a King, some vacationers in a villa on the side of the sea.

It was another hot, beautiful day, as is to be expected.

Looking down towards the beach from the back yard. Photo by Dad.

The other thing we didn’t know about today’s festivities was that it included the time honored tradition of playing Ravel’s Bolero at top volume at about quarter of midnight, followed by 2 hours of disco, Gloria Estefan and other pop hits.

A message from P around midnight contained the threat that if the revelers woke the babbies, who had just completed a spectacular meltdown, that he’d be throwing a Baby Grenade at them.

Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. 

Eventually the music ceased, and everyone slumbered.

Good night, Stromboli.

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