Day 30: A Final Sojourn…

Up early to start the packing.

Out early to start the wandering.

There was bubble guy, there was good lunch, there was gelato (not pictured)… and I found more stuff for dad’s friend while I was out.

Back to the apartment by 3:00 so that I could finish the last of the cleaning before the property manager came by to do my checkout. And I packed… and packed… and packed…

Check out was easy, the electric bill only came to €24. I took some of the cash and ran out to by macarons for my coworkers (shhhhh!). Also bought myself one last nutella and whipped cream crepe (nom!).

Caught up on my posts. Ran out about 9:30 for dinner downstairs at Schwartz’s Deli.

Swung back by the late night pastry shop.

Packed some more.

Showered. Shaved off the beard.

Now I’m sitting here typing out the final entry for my 30 Days In Paris.  When I’m done here, I’ll climb into bed and close my eyes one last time in Europe before the 18 hour trip home tomorrow.

This was a fucking amazing trip. It was exactly what I needed for my heart, mind and soul. Returning to my city in the morning.

I want to come back here, though. Soon.

Paris, je t’aime.

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