Day 28: Last Time on “Clay in Paris”…

When we last left our intrepid hero, he was headed home from an amazing dinner where he ate raw horse. (Yeah, bitches, that’s what you get for not looking at all the pictures! No punches pulled here!!)

Upon returning to Chez des Ecouffes, he discovered a series of emails informing him that the Moron Life website had been hacked.  It was a hack he’d seen before. Something got some code inserted into every freakin .php file on the website that had to be cleaned out so that the website would stop re-directing people to randomly stupid malware sites.

Granted, it took him nearly 2 hours just to figure out that that was what the attack was.  Google’s Webmaster tools showed no malicious code, and his connection in Europe returned nothing as well on Firefox or Chrome.  It wasn’t until he tried IE that the alarms went off.  Turns out it was SMART malware, and if you were logged in as an administrator (which he was in Firefox and Chrome) it did nothing.  But if you weren’t logged in… hello bogus virus scan website!

Uploading the core WordPress software took care of the bulk of the hacked files.  But after that, the hunt was on in order to figure out WHEN the attack took place so he could easily identify the infected files.  About 4AM, it was narrowed down to 78 files that needed to be cleaned by hand… and so the task began.

Needless to say, sleep didn’t happen until much later than it should of, so the rest of this day was a wash.

The night, however, saw our irreverent n’er-do-not-awesome visiting yet another section of Paris he’d never seen in order to rehearse with Eux – Compagnie d’Improvisation who super graciously had their entire rehearsal in English just for him!  He brought them a few new warmups, and took a few from them, and then an evening of longform funtimes began.

He joined some of the Euxivians for a beer afterwards and they all listened to the presidential debates (the French ones, not the American ones), and talked Improv and Buffy for quite some time.  And when the evening was done, like Bill Bixby at the end of every episode of The Incredible Hulk, he walked home… alone.

Clay and his new Improv friends...

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