Day 25: Fancy Food and Fancy Sunsets

The day started off with a run to La Trecciotta, the local produce market run by Antonio and his family.  The first time mom and I went in, there were samples to taste in our face before we were five paces inside the market.  He helped us carry stuff around the store.  He and his wife fed us more. And at the register, when he found out we were from California, he talked to us for 20 minutes about his honeymoon to San Francisco, Nevada, Utah, Washington and Hawaii just a few months ago.  We’ve been trying to shop there when we could, since.

So. Many. Onions.

We got some supplies, and picked up some local wine to carry home with us, and headed back to the house, where P and E had come up with lunch plans.  La Rada, in Vibo Marina.  It was on the house’s restaurant list in the “A little more expensive, but well worth it” list.  And they were not wrong.

They even have a fancy sign…

The view from the patio where we ate…

An amuse bouche of fish brandade with pureed beets beneath.

Breadsticks to die for. Olive oil of the gods. And tasty tasty bread.

Appetizer of thinly sliced goose and duck with black truffle.

Fileja ‘nduja with ricotta on top.

Dad’s Cut of Vitello with Rucola, Parmesan chips and chopped vinegar…

Mom’s Calamarata di Gragnano with Bacon of Black Piglet of Calabria and Onion

And finally, doppio espresso…


The lunch wasn’t all that more expensive than what we’d spend elsewhere. And it was worth every single penny.

After lunch, Mom, Dad and I went off to find supplies for dinner while P & E took the babbies home.  Except that it was not-Siesta, so everything was closed.  Instead, we ended up meeting P & E and babbies in Parghelia for more granita to kill time before the grocery store reopened so we could pick up some chicken cutlets for a simple dinner.

And then there was sunset.  I took all these photos while I was on a work call.  Hopefully the shutter going off didn’t bother people too much.

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