Day 22: T3 – Rise of the Monastery

The morning after the big rainstorm, the wind was still out of control.  It really stirred up the sea, and made it the most AMAZING colors.

Took the babbies out for a mid-morning drive with P because they refused to nap. We, of course, Ingressed a bit while we drove, finding some off the beaten path Portals and a pastry shop with sfogliatella in Parghelia on the way.

Cannons protecting Parghelia

This totally SHOULD have been a Portal…

Sea side shrine.

Once the babbies had both napped, we headed to the grocery store on the far side of Tropea and got supplies for dinner.  I found the three most perfect red bell peppers for use in our dinner that night, but somehow, by the time we got to the register, they had vanished from our cart.  Someone stole our peppers!!!

Made our way home, then hopped back in the car with the parents to hit Tropea for lunch, stopping along the way to take some seaside photos.


We parked in our usual lot in Tropea, but this time ventured down a side road that had TONS of shops and restaurants on it.  Picked a nice little spot and had a spectacular lunch.

Fried Anchovies

Fileja ‘nduja


Pizza w/artichoke, olive, mushroom and cheese.

After lunch, we drove down the side of the cliff… literally… crazy switchback hairpin turn road that went from all the way up top to sea level pretty quickly.  We parked at the base of what was once a mountain, and began the trek up to the Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Isola.

Mom and Dad in the Monastery Gardens.

We made it home relatively early, napped, then dined on sweet peppers and sausage.  Yet another super tasty P designed meal.

Pickled red Tropean onions.


Calabrian beer!

Despite thievery, peppers!

The two and a half Euro bottle of local wine…

The meal was great, the local wine was spectacular, the local beer was really really nice.

Today was a good day…

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