Day 21c: I’m on a Boat!

So I snuck out of work for a few hours to run up to see more Improv.  Don’t worry, I worked late when I got home to make up for it.

This time, it was The Improfessionals performing their own format “Impro Flicks.”

It was a short form format where each actor took a turn “directing” a short film live on stage.  At the end of the film, the audience voted weather it was a hit or a flop.  The actor with the most hits at the end of the night was the winner.

This time, the Improv was in English.  But also… the Improv was ON A FREAKIN BOAT!

I'm on a boat, yo! Look at me watchin the Improv on a boat, yo!

The boat’s owners had turned the inside into a small bar and a decent sized theater.  I think they said it sat 70 or so.  Nabad!!

And comfy, too!

The show was a lot of fun.  My favorite scene was a Shakespeare/Tennessee Williams mashup (go figure, Un-Scripted person gravitating towards Genre Mashups).  The cast was pretty eclectic, too. I’m pretty sure there were 2 Brits, and American, a German, a Frenchman and… perhaps someone from a Scandinavian country.  All doing Improv in English.

Go them! 😀

So yes, then I went home and worked until real late, so those of you from my work who are reading this can just chill, okay?!? 😉

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