Day 15: Tropea 2 – The Eclectic… wait, I used that one already…

We woke early on this fateful morning. Dishes, sweeping, laundry… prepping the house for the arrival of E and M, the final additions to our party.  We managed to bring some order to the chaos of the previous two weeks.  Enough, at least, to not shock and awe the newcomers.

They arrived in a flurry of suitcases, hugs, and babbies, and the immediate question became “Lunch?”  The answer to which was “Tropea!”  So we all hopped in the vehicles and caravanned to Tropea, where we were denied our original lunch location.  We did, however, finally settle in at Le Volpe e l’Uva (The Foxes and the Grapes) for a nice, long lunch.

mmmm… foxes and grapes….

Slow saunter back to the car past shops, and then home where I found a friend hanging out on my patio.

Even tinier than Tiny Monster…

I’ve actually spotted him (or his siblings) a few times since, as well.  They seem to like the wicker furniture.

Post dinner, we made a gelato run to The Sun down in Vibo Marina.

It was a lovely day.

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