Day 13: Tyrrhenian Triumph in Tropea

Today’s travels took our team of travelers to the town of Tropea. Technically, the total team’s tally ticked towards triumph though three tarried tiredly ‘tween the territories of our tenancy.

Okay, enough of THAT.

P stayed home with the babbies while Mom, Dad,  L and I hit Tropea.  P & L had already made a trip there, so everyone got to check Tropea off their lists.  It’s a good sided resort town that is the epitome of “beautiful Mediterranean sea-side village” complete with wide beaches, resorts, shops, and views that make you go “Wow, I’m way too poor to be standing here.”

Thankfully, L knew where a good parking lot was, because the town is a series of skinny, winding roads with nowhere to park.  We ditched the vehicle, and made our way down to the first Paninoteca we could find.  The panini took a while, but they were tasty, and we got to sit in the shade and watch all the beautiful Italian people walk by as we sipped on Coke and/or Fanta and tasted our first arancino of the trip.

Paninoteca in shadow…

When we finished eating, we wandered down the main road to the end, where there was a cliff overlooking the beaches and Santa Maria dell’Isola Monastery. On the way down we passed a ton of shops and storefronts with touristy items for purchase, some of which were quite lovely.  Grocers with local onion an peppers… it was lovely, but most definitely an up-scale touristy town.

The PLAN was to hike back up to the car, then drive down to the Monastery, but when I realized the hike UP to the Monastery would be a doozie, we opted to just go to the grocery store and head home, saving that for another day.

We gambled for the CONAD close to Tropea, and boy did we win with that one. It was HUGE compared to every other store we had been in.  They even had a fancy cake/pastry counter.

So shopping happened, then we headed home and I went to work for the evening, taking a quick break to watch the sunset in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

“What dat?” you say?

The section of the Mediterranean we are on is called the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has some awesome, awesome sunsets…

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